Letter to Groisman V.B. Печать
07.08.2015 10:51




21 July 2015


To: Mr. V.B. Groisman

            Chairman of Verkhovna Rada (Parliament) of Ukraine



Dear Mr. Groisman,


On 14 July 2015, Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine passed a bill No.2983 as a basis “On state registration of legal entities, individuals-entrepreneurs and civil organizations” in which some changes to the Law of Ukraine “On Unions, their rights and security for their activities” and the Law “On civil asociations” were proposed to get made.

The Presidium of Dnepropetrovsk territorial union of mineworkers of Ukraine considers this bill which violates legal and democratic norms of unions activities as organizations of civil society and states their disagreement with the above bill.

Proposed by the bill changes to the Law of Ukraine “On Unions, their rights and guarantees” exactly are inconsistent with International Organization of Labor Convention No.87, Constitution of Ukraine on freedom of asociations and protection of right to the organization. Contrary to international regulations, the draft bill changed the order of Unions and their organizations establishment, obtaining of unions status of legal entity to the unions (from the moment of state registration and not from the moment of Statutes approval), requirements to submit personal data on founders of the union, obligatory recorging of individuals register at the congress (conference) of general meetings of union members that are exact violation of the Conertion provisions. In spite of the fact that an issue of legal entities, individuals and civil associations registration has been adjusted by the current legislation, the authors of this draft bill make provision for reregistration of all unions (which were registered) and increase in period of such registration until 30 days that will complicate the work of unions.

We believe that adoption of the bill in the proposed version will create conditions to reduce autonomy of unions, elimination of protection of unions, their organizations and asociationsfrom external interference including on the public authorities side.

When preparing this bill to the second reading we demand from people’s deputies of Ukraine to take into consideration proposals of 25 thousand staff of PJSC “DTEK PavlogradCoal” and union members.          



At the Presidium’s request




Sergey Yunak,

President of Dnepropetrovsk territorial union of mineworkers of Ukraine