The union's demands Печать
01.02.2016 15:05


Dnepropetrovsk Territorial Union Organization of Mine-Workers

West Donbas Association of Indepndent Unions



To:       Mr. S.A. Voronin

 PJSC “DTEK PavlogradCoal” Director General

Copies:           Mr. M.V. Timchenko

                       JSC “DTEK” Director General

Mr. V.A. Starukhin

JSC “DTEK ENERGO” Director General



Dear Mr. Voronin,


On 10 December 2015 and 21 January 2016 a mass meeting of PJSC “DTEK PavlogradCoal” employees and and a joint conference with the participation of Unions and PJSC “DTEK PavlogradCoal” representatives on decisions implemntation were held. It was noted that production achievements and staff work stability of the coal-mining company were reached in very complicated conditions. Since 2014 West Donbas Unions have made attempts to prove the Ukrainian authorities about importance of coal mining and power production, about equal rights at the energy market of Ukraine for all this market participants with the fixing of the reasonable coal price and electricity rate. 

Actual wage increased in 10% only in 2015. Promised by management incrase in salaries commencing on 01 October 2015 remained on paper.

  • Rise in infation was 48.2% in 2015, prices fo the goodstaff increased in 2-3 times, tilities rates increased in 3.3 (gas consumption) – 3.5 (power consumption) times.
  • Average monthly salary in Dnepropetrovsk region was 5,522.67 UAH, 8,539.10 UAH at PJSC “DTEK PavlogradCoal” with the collieries understaff of 732 people in November 2015.

In accordance with the Collective Agreement, item 9.4.4 and Branch Agreement the average monthly should be 5,522.67 x 1.9 = 10,493.10 UAH, i.e. 22.9% higher than existing now.


Coal mining production plan was acomplished by 102.3%. The coal price increased by 50% - 60% from 900.00 UAH to 1,100.00 – 1,500.00 UAH. Tax assignments to the salary reduced from 49.% to 22%, saving came which can be assigned to increase the remuneration of labor fund.


Power cost for regenerative companies in Ukraine increased by 21% in the fouth querter of 2015 that facilitated improvement of Power stations mutual settlement of accounts for consumed coal products.

The above facts give us legal rights to demand the increase in salaries not less than by 22% for the staff of  PJSC “DTEK PavlogradCoal” with maintaining existing bonus system.

On the basis of above menthed the presidium of PRUP and West Donbas Council of chairmen of Independent Unions DEMAND as follows:

1.  From  Mr. S.A. Voronin, PJSC “DTEK PavlogradCoal” Director General:

  • Increase PJSC “DTEK PavlogradCoal” staff salaries by 25% and the remuneration of labor fund from 1 April 2016 with maintaining existing bonus system .
  • Participation of Unions representatives in Budget 2016 review regarding remuneration of labor, occupational safety and social guarantees for all PJSC “DTEK PavlogradCoal” staff.
  • Summarise work performance under the Collective Agreemnt for 2014 – 2015 and hold DTEK PavlogradCoal” employees conference.
  • Assure all workers with PPE, working clothes in full.
  • Repay debts to the Unions on culture and sport activities and helth improvement by 1 April 2016.
  • Assign funds (via coal sale) commencing on march 2016 to the helth improvement and sanatorium treatment of mineworkers and members of their families in the volume planed by Unions for 2016. 

We suggest that Mr. V.A. Starukhin, JSC “DTEK ENERGO” Director General should sign the Collective Agreement on behalf of PJSC “DTEK PavlogradCoal”. 


S.I. Yunak 

The President of Dnepropetrovsk Territorial

Union Organization of coal-mining industry of Ukraine                                            




V.I. Grek

The Chairman of West Donbas Independent Unions