West Donbas will be developing and working stably in the nearest 15 – 20 years Печать
21.03.2016 12:45

Maxim Tymchenko, DTEK Director General said about it during the meeting with PRUP union activists headed by Sergey Yunak. The Union leader told about that meeting in his interview.

– Sergey Ivanovich, how did the meeting with DTEK go off and which results were obtained?

– At first, I would like to dwell on a number of events preceded to this meeting. On 10 December 2015, big meeting with the participation of PJSC “DTEK PavlogradCoal” employees was held in the downtown at the Mayor’s Administration building where our demands were read. One of the Resolution item run as follows: apply to the main shareholder, DTEK Director General with the request to take active measures on the protection of working people and enterprises (collieries) which are the company proprietary. On 21 January 2016, the meeting with the participation of Union activists and the representatives of “DTEK Energo” was held at the “PavlogradCoal” administration building. The meeting was initiated by PRUP to receive responses to their demands and proposals which were being submitted during 2015.

All was not so good as many people have been saying today. Great success was achieved by the “PavlogradCoal” employees. But which value and under which conditions did we produce 18.8 mln MT of coal? We reminded about this to the management. It also relates to the inflation rats, increase in prices for goods and services, and utilities rates, overalls and personnel protective equipment supply.   

We also reminded “DTEK Energo” management about participation of Unions and JSC “PavlogradCoal” employees in protest actions in Kiev to save the enterprise.  Reminded about state debts to DTEK, and that West Donbas collieries work at the territory of Ukraine and for the benefit of our country.

We proved that the salary level should be raised not less than by 25%; we told about social service and status of our Collective Agreement. So after detailed discussions with Administration office we submitted our demands and requirements. They related the salary level, official rate of payment, labor protection and occupational safety, special clothes PPE supply.  

– What was the response of “DTEK Energo” management?

– When we submitted our demands and requirements we hoped that we would be invited to participate in their discussions. Initially it was concerned the budget discussion and other paragraphs of our demands. But unfortunately we did not obtain any positive replies to our addresses and therefore the process was delayed. On the basis of above the PRUP Presidium made a decision to hear the director general regarding non-compliance with the Law of Ukraine “On the Unions…”, failure to implement the Branch and Collective Agreements. The legislative documents say that the Union has to participate in adoption of all economical programs, in reviewing of all social and economic activities of the company. We notified that if legislative acts did not implement then we would initiate the displacement of the director general under article 45 of the Law of Ukraine “On Labor”.  

– What happened after that critical decision was made by the Union?

– Only after that the PRUP representatives were invited to come to Kiev for negotiations. Negotiations were complicated. But the goal was succeeded and we sat at the table to hear each other. At the same time we initiated to hold a meeting with Mr. Maxim Tymchenko, DTEK Director General. Victor Turmanov, the Chairman of the Unions Central Committee for employees of coal-mining industry of Ukraine helped to arrange this meeting.  

Five meetings were held in Kiev in all including the meeting with the DTEK Director General. Those meetings were attended by our collieries union leaders: Peter Nebogatykh (mine of “Heroes of the Space), Vladimir Kosarev (mine of “West-Donbas”), Yuriy Savkin (mine of “Dneprovskaya”). Such compromise decisions were obtained and gave us a possibility to progress and not stop our negotiation process. 

– Sergey Ivanovich, which consensus was reached by both parties after so many trips to Kiev?

– The parties agreed upon as follows: “PavlogradCoal” production will be funded in full, all approved programs will be financially supported and paid in time. And the main thing is that workplaces will not be cut down at “PavlogradCoal” and as Mr. Maxim Tymchenko mentioned “West Donbas would be developing and working stably for the next 15-20 years”.

It was also reached an agreement on the official rate of salary increase for all “PavlogradCoal” employees as follows: commencing on 01 April 2016 - by 10%, on 01 October 2016 – by 5%. The Collective Agreement will be awarded in April 2016 in the light of proposals and comments submitted by the working staff of collieries and enterprises. It was also agreed upon that all debts would be raid to the Unions by 01 April 2016 and health improvement in 2016 would be reviewed and considered in April which would be no less in the volume compared to 2015.  

On 26 February 2016, on the basis of all our meetings and negotiations held in Kiev the PRUP activists held a technical meeting with Michael Barabash, an active director on the “DTEK Energo” coal production and Sergey Voronin, DTEK “PavlogradCoal” Director General. ThejointdecisionswereincludedintotheMeetingMinutesandsigned.


Еlena Tkach