Unions have addressed to Vladimir Groisman with their initiative to develop combined actions to improve the well-being of our people ПечатьE-mail
26.04.2016 13:16

Unions proposed Vladimir Groisman, the prime Minister of Ukraine, to hold a meeting with heads and managers of branch regional union organizations to discuss and develop combined actions to improve social and economic situation in the country.

West Donbas will be developing and working stably in the nearest 15 – 20 years ПечатьE-mail
21.03.2016 13:45

Maxim Tymchenko, DTEK Director General said about it during the meeting with PRUP union activists headed by Sergey Yunak. The Union leader told about that meeting in his interview.

The union's demands ПечатьE-mail
01.02.2016 16:05


Dnepropetrovsk Territorial Union Organization of Mine-Workers

West Donbas Association of Indepndent Unions



To:       Mr. S.A. Voronin

 PJSC “DTEK PavlogradCoal” Director General

Copies:           Mr. M.V. Timchenko

                       JSC “DTEK” Director General

Mr. V.A. Starukhin

JSC “DTEK ENERGO” Director General

On PRUP’s initiative the voucher price to sanatorium «Samara» was reduced! ПечатьE-mail
01.02.2016 16:04

On 20 January 2016 the newspaper “Voice of a mine-worker” published the decision of the Union presidium to reduce the voucher price to sanatorium «Samara» which was submitted to the “DTEK PavlogradCoal” and “DTEK Service” administration by Sergey Yunak, PRUP President, with the request to change the situation concerning mine-workers health improvement.

PRUP Strategic Line in a New Year ПечатьE-mail
29.01.2016 12:24

The first presidium meeting of PRUP was held on 12 January 2016.


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